Forum Updates - June 2, 2018

Forum Updates and Change Logs will be posted here.
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Forum Updates - June 2, 2018

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Forum Updates and Change Notes for 6/2/18.

Major Changes
  • New Forum User Group "Remembered" - In a way to honor those we've lost, I've created this group so that the user can be retired properly and Remembered. Added to this list is "Tenderheart Bear" aka Richard Concepcion, who we lost in 2017. I've also disabled the use of the variant "TenderheartBear". All other names containing should be okay to use.
Cosmetic Changes
  • Topic Icons - I'm continuing to change icons on the back end to fit the theme. Once this theme is complete, I'll start working on the next theme. I plan to have a few different ones to rotate during the year to keep things fresh.

Quality of Life
  • New Avatars in the Gallery - You'll notice a BRAND NEW set of 60 total Care Bear, Care Bear Cousin and Plush Avatars added. I'll continue working to add more unique Avatars as well, for those of you who don't have one right away. Tutorial on how to do this can be found HERE If you have a request for a specific character or show, please let me know!
  • New Forums and Organization - I've been working to streamline some of the forums and categories, some new forums were added, for Moderators when that becomes a thing. I've also added a new forum for Tutorials here under the Announcements and Updates Section, this will help new users to the forums learn how to to get the most out of the features available.
  • Smileys - I'm continuing to change icons on the back end and adding new ones. The Care Bears and Cousins are now in Alphabetical order as well, aside from those which should belong together like: True Heart, Noble Heart, Grams, Hugs, Tugs, Tenderheart and Wonderheart. They deserved to be together ;)
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