Forum Updates - May 31, 2018

Forum Updates and Change Logs will be posted here.
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Forum Updates - May 31, 2018

Post by Bedtime Bear » 1 year ago

Forum Updates and Change Notes for 5/31/18.

Major Changes
  • New Post/Reply UI - You'll notice that there is now quite a few more options for when you post. Including the option to highlight text, embed videos into the post and even the option to hide your post from guests who don't have an account!
  • Post Preview - You can now hover over a post to get a fortune cookie sized bite of the first post in a thread!
  • Post Drafts - Ever got so far into a post and then accidentally refreshed the browser or lost your work? Now you can save post drafts!
  • Chat Room - I have added a Live Chat room to the forums, you can visit it by clicking on "mChat" at the top of the page!
  • Video Gallery - There's now a place for you to submit your favorite YouTube videos you've seen! Click on "Videos" at the top of the page to enter the gallery and add your favorite YouTube video URL to add it to the gallery.
  • Attachments - Previously, you weren't able to add a text document attachment to a post. I've removed that restriction. File upload sizes are limited to 3MB.
  • Forum Rules - I've added a dedicated link to the Forum Rules (link at the top of the page). New users will have to agree that they've read them in order to finish creating an account.

Cosmetic Changes
  • New Banner - It's still a work in progress, but with each iteration I get happier with it.
  • Avatar Sizes - You can now add an avatar to your profile with a new max resolution size of 200x200.
  • Background Image in post - To add a bit more color and flavor to the posting experience, I added an image of Tenderheart in the create post window. Nothing major, just a subtle change.

Quality of Life
  • New Smilies - You'll notice a few Care Bears added, I'm working to add more unique emoticons as well, as well as old favorites from the original message board!
  • New Forums - I've added a new Care Bear of the Week forum, for when we start doing that next week. New forums will continue to be added as the need arises, please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions!
  • Country Flags - Show your country pride by selecting your countries flag in your profile! This will display on the forum as well as allow for folks to see which members live in which countries!
  • Donate Link - I've added a donation link to the page. It doesn't cost me much to run this forum and host it, so please don't feel like you need to donate. It's there if you feel like you want to, but it's certainly not ever required.